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There are many facets to how each IBO wishes to run their business. Some want to make their income by handing out cards, others want to sign up platinum IBO's. Some want to use the $200 cards, others the $2,000 and others want to use both. Each one of these paths would require its own dedicated funnel plan. We put a site together that can support all of them.

We call this solution a funnelend presentaiton site.This site design approach offers the landing page needed to satisfy most all facets of closing a deal the way you want to, with one simple site. If you wish to add funnel steps in how you get your prospects to your site, you may.

The funnel theory flow we offer is  Invitation> Education> Activation> Revenue.

Invite your prospects to view your page via phone, business card, email, texting, ads, or social & professional media.

Educate your prospects with the 3 videos on the page.

  • They will see the Opportunity first.

  • They will learn how GoodLife USA can offer such deep discounts in the second video.

  • They will learn how they can make money themselves with the Compensation Plan.

  • We offer your prospects a call to action and pathway to request a free activated digital VIP card

  • We offer your prospects a call to action and pathway to activate a physical or digital card number they may already have received from you but you wanted to direct that specific prospect to your funnel site to increase the potential of them becoming a Platinum IBO with you.

  • Through the Invitation> Education> Activation>  pathway you have an opportunity to make >Revenue from your prospects savings, subscriptions, and/or interest in becoming an IBO member.


We are dedicated to developing sites and tools to help GoodLife USA Independent Business Owners Succeed, and we are dedicated to keeping them fresh, relevant, and compliant as the business model changes and grows. Please enjoy this second generation site as we develop the third generation site. As a customer you will enjoy free updates and upgrades throughout the year! We are also developing other tools for you to use that we will be rolling out to support other areas of the GoodLife USA IBO Universe sales process.





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We are the Original Team Endorsed GoodLife USA Funnel Page Provider with 25+ years experience in Web Development and Internet Marketing. Do not be fooled by the imitators. If you have purchased an imitation funnel site, request your funds back from PayPal, email us proof of your refund, and for your trouble we will send you a special offer to sign up with our product.